Friday Faves!!

Because I missed my Tuesday link-up post, I figured there’s no better time than the present.

I’m enjoying Taylor Swifts new song and apparently these guys are too.

Did you download IOS8 yet? So far i’m enjoying some of the changes (minus the draining battery). There seems to be lots of new features that may not be so obvious!

If you feel like baking this weekend, make this bread. I did and it was delicious.

This is going to be my next baking adventure.

*Updated to add: it’s delicious.


Influenster recently sent me the Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor* to try and review. If you’re like me and cut yourself every time you shave, this is the razor for you. Honestly, my legs have never felt so smooth. The handle is light and the size of the razor really allows you to hit all the curves of your legs. The only negative thing I could say about it is that it takes a little more than a quick shove under the shower head to clean the blade between strokes but the quality of the razor more than makes up for it. Also, the little hook that comes with the razor works better than any other one I’ve had. I don’t know what it is, but usually I get back to my shower to find the blade and handle separated on the ground because it fell. Not anymore.

Have a great weekend!

*This razor was sent to me free of charge by Influenster in order for me to provide an honest review. All opinions regarding this product are my own.


A Whirlwind Weekend

In years and years, I honestly don’t think I have had a weekend as grand as the one I had last weekend. Honestly, I can’t stop thinking about it and I’m so thankful that my last “real” weekend of my undergraduate career was so great.

Saturday, I received an award for the scholarship I won four years ago. The scholarship that would allow me to attend my university and only pay for housing. I am so thankful for my mom who switched me from my neighborhood school to a magnet school where I would excel, for both my schools who created this great partnership and have allowed me to attend this great university for almost nothing. I am so, so lucky.


That day and night, although I was apprehensive (this is how I get when I get anxiety), I went to a fun BBQ/party with my friends to celebrate the end. I am incredibly glad I went because I know I would have been really disappointed if I had chosen not to go for silly reasons.


Sunday, I ran my first ever half marathon. My legs carried me the 13.1 miles without stopping to walk–something I’ve never done and honestly, wasn’t sure I could do. I ran a pretty decent time and was incredibly impressed seeing that I finished this half marathon a half-hour sooner than I finished a 20K (12.4 miles) in September. Almost a whole extra mile and I still shaved off that time. I trained hard for this and it definitely payed off and showed. I am capable of anything I put my mind to and have come so far in the last 1.5 years.


(my pretty little street)

Monday, even though it’s not the weekend, I went apartment searching for when I go to grad school. I wasn’t sure I’d find one but sure enough, the first apartment we looked at was PERFECTION. It’s gorgeous and I literally couldn’t be more excited to have my own apartment and move in and live there. I could not have asked for a better turnout and I am so lucky.

One of the things my dad said to me yesterday when I texted him was “You might not have a lot of money, but you sure are rich”. This has never been truer than this weekend. I feel truly so lucky to be cared about by so many, to have the options I have and had, to not need and to be satisfied. The feeling I have right now is better than any amount of money I could ever have and for that, I am eternally grateful.