What I Ate Wednesday: Lots O’ Oats Edition

What I Ate Wednesday (hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons) is definitely one of my days of the week to read blogs. I love unwinding at the end of the day by checking out her linkup and finding new recipes and pages to read. So, thanks Jenn for hosting!

In an effort to keep things deliciously simple, I ate a ton of oats this week. For breakfast every day!



Here we have apple cinnamon oats, lemon loaf oats in the next two (coming soon to a blog near you!) and banana bread oats in the last one.

It snowed a little yesterday and has been SUPER cold so warm creamy oats (and coffee) are the perfect way to start the morning.

I dont usually photograph my lunches because they’re generally salads.

Snacks are usually rice cakes, a Quest bar, it depends on the day. Post workout is usually this smoothie in a bowl though.


Putting whey protein in the blender with something frozen makes it incredibly fluffy. 

Both these smoothies are one scoop of protein powder, a small handful of frozen spinach, 5-ish frozen blueberries, a bunch of ice cubes and a tiny bit of water. Blended until thick and volumous. 

Dinners have been veggie heavy lately. I’m usually not a stir fry lover but I’ve had stir fry three times this week.

Also a mix of breakfast and dinner for dinner (with lots of cinnamon of course)


and my new favorite side dish of mashed cauliflower. This I sprinkled with a little nutritional yeast, salt and pepper.


Desserts (and sometimes snacks) have been pumpkin bread and no-bake cookie dough!



What did you eat this week?

What I Ate Wednesday (#3)

Today I’m linking up with Jenn at Peas and Crayons for her weekly blog party, What I Ate Wednesday.

This week was an interesting week of eating meaning it strayed a little from my usual fare but was extra fun.

I’ve been trying to incorporate some extra protein into my diet, as well as some more calories and carbohydrates. A closer look at my meals insinuates that I’m not eating enough to keep up with my training regimen. This is a big no no. A month ago I started Crossfit and I definitely need some more fuel to ensure I build muscle and tone my body the way I would like to. But more on that later…

Some of today:

0.jpg        0.jpg

Todays post workout recovery smoothie: A handful of spinach, a banana, almond milk, a teaspoon of chia seeds and Vega Sport Recovery Protein Powder. Todays lunch: Protein Salad from a local restaurant. Yum.

When away in Maine with friends…


1) A delicious turkey panini. 2) The best sangria enjoyed with friends. 3)The woman who worked at the coffee shop taught me how to make a latte.

0.jpg          0.jpg   0.jpg

Breakfast for dinner was plentiful this week. An omelette that looks like a turtle and protein pancakes. yesterdays oatmeal. 1/3 cup of oats cooked with almond milk and chocolate Vega One. Topped with bananas.