What I Ate Wednesday

It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for another What I Ate Wednesday with Jenn from Peas and Crayons

What I Ate Wednesday: Short Sentence Addition

This past weeks eats started with this. What is this? Homemade coffee Oreo ice cream. Yes. I went to work, was talking about how I planned to buy an ice cream maker and lo and behold, we had one in the back. I’ve made about 6 batches of ice cream so far including 2 batches of this coffee Oreo, chocolate coconut, blueberry brown sugar graham cracker, chocolate chip and a few failed attempts at almond milk ice cream.


My newest obsession: Carrot Cake Oatmeal. It’s creamy, delicious and tastes like a carrot cake. I’ve had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner all on different days. I’m all about vegetables in my oatmeal normally so this is just a vitamin and nutrient win.



The perfect pick-me-up. Find this chocolate bar–it is perfection.


Not working consistently has left me plenty of time to bake. This Pumpkin Protein Cake was the first thing I attempted this week and it came out delicious. I’ll be sharing this recipe soon.


I also made these protein brownies–not ready yet but not terrible.


Cucumber rolls–not a baked good of course but harder than they look!


and these sweet potato cupcakes of course.


What I Ate Wednesday

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting as usual!

I don’t know what happened this week but I went into a frenzy of eating things I didn’t make. I had to go to local pastry shops, try something from a food truck and treat myself after spending hours upon hours doing homework.

Everything in moderation though is the name of my game lately. I enjoyed and savored all the treats (in reality, two treats, one healthy food truck experience) as I wandered around my city for an hour each day taking a well deserved break from my computer.

Spending the day working was worth it to eat these things though. I love finding the places I’ve heard about but never gone to (i.e. Flour Bakery-I had sticky bun bread pudding. oh my gosh. first bread pudding experience and it was so good)Image

and trying something unique that I’ve never had (i.e. seitan).


and of course enjoying something I hadddd to have–pumpkin ice cream with an oatmeal cookie. YUM.


I also got my David’s Tea. Honestly, I could only drink half before the chocolatey taste got a little sickening but it was good to start with.


Besides the treats this weekend, I actually ate most of my food at home.  Honestly, I love eating out occasionally but I definitely prefer making my own meals. I get to play around (or eat the same thing over and over), control what I’m eating and I get to go grocery shopping in order to put things together. Anyone else love grocery shopping?

Here’s a terrible stir-fry picture.


nice big salad with a side of kabocha.


and oats, of course.


What did you eat this week?

What I Ate Wednesday

Hey there!

I’ve been MIA as I was home for a few days during my long weekend break from school.

Instead of hanging out on the computer, I spent my days out and about, hitting the gym, seeing family I haven’t seen and just enjoying being home. I also made a point to go to Walmart and Target because moving to a place where those stores aren’t makes the experience of one stop shopping even better. I’m a Target sucker. Walk in to just browse, leave with everything. Snacks made their way home with me this time (s’mores Goldfish? I had to have them).

I also made sure to hit all my favorite food spots and ate sushi, had froyo twice (…they had pumpkin pie and a 20% off coupon soooo…) and a salad from a local restaurant. Yum.

Now, for the blog partayyy. Thanks to Jenn for hosting as always.

I made this bread last week and plan to share the recipe tomorrow. I ate the whole loaf in a day. I’m the worst bread photographer but trust me on this one.


My favorite meals this week remain as oat bran. I’ve been trying out new “flavors” and so far, every single one has been delicious.

Cookie Dough: Mixed with just the powder of PB2, a bit of vanilla extract and topped with some dark chocolate (and a drop of whipped cream for fun)

Apple Pie: Softened apples, vanilla extract, butter extract, peanut flour and lots of cinnamon


I went apple picking this weekend which means I’ve been eating a ton of apples and apple butter that I picked up. Nothing beats fresh apples.



Not photographed:
Pounds of apples
The Pumpkin Chai Latte I had that must be recreated. To.Die.For.
S’mores Goldfish
I discovered Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter ❤
Chia chunks I got from a local food store that I am also going to try and recreate

Tuesday Thoughts

Tonight I made PaleOMG’s carrot pudding for a little something extra to add to dinner. Three whole carrots made their way into my stomach. It was that good and I have no shame. In other news, my calves are burning. Two WOD’s including tons of squats, then today’s of box jumps and wall balls. They.Are.Screaming.

I’m sitting here debating whether or not to eat a spoonful of Paleo Notella. Pro: It’s delicious. Con: I have to get up to get it.

I think for the first time ever the lazy in me might win.

In thinking about my Paleo Notella, I was thinking more about healthy desserts.

One of the things I’ve been struggling with the past few weeks is making the decision on whether or not to make some Paleo goodies every now and then (obviously the Paleo Notella recipe shows some of my thought…).

Taking away sugar, grains and dairy in the last few weeks has been great. My skin is clearer, I definitely have extra energy and I have seen definite improvement in the looks of my stomach.  After almost a month, I don’t even miss these food items. Really and truly.

But, what if I do want to eat a cookie? Well, then I can pull out the almond flour, vanilla and coconut oil. I want some whipped cream, so I can easily pull out a can of coconut milk.

The problem lies that making these items goes against the principles originally set: that we should eat the food cavemen ate. They certainly didn’t throw some coconut milk in a Kitchenaid and enjoy over a warm baked, almond flour cookie.

It also makes it difficult to see these items as treats. When something is made without sugar, flour and any of the other things it’s normally prepared with, it’s easy to get caught up in the fact that they are “healthy” or “healthier.”

So where do I stand? In relation to my previous posts on percentages and stuff, I believe that making the occasional goodie to fit your dietary requirements is needed. It can be healthy, as long as it’s viewed as a treat despite the fact that it’s made out of delicious ingredients. It is important to feel included sometimes or just satisfy a craving for something sweet and/or tasty.

Many people that follow dietary restrictions are against this philosophy but I think that is just another reason choosing your own diet is so great. You choose what to put into your body. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to.