Primal Coconut Flour Pancakes

I never used to consider myself a pancake person. For some reason, the whole pancake-thing never really did it for me. I was always left unsatisfied, always wanting more, not because I was still hungry, just not thrilled.

As I’ve become more of a “foodie,” the idea of different pancakes has intrigued me. You can do almost anything with them–sweet or savory, thick or thin. Big stacks or one big cake. While I never enjoyed drenching my plate in maple syrup, the idea of special sauces on top or in between each fluffy layer is something I think about when planning a new recipe.

These pancakes are simple, healthy and filling with only a few ingredients and minimal effort. If you follow a dairy-free diet, I would think that the yogurt could be replaced with applesauce or mashed banana–other types of pancakes on their own and definitely worth a try!




1.5 TBL plain Greek yogurt
2 TBL coconut flour
1 flax egg (1 TBL flax+2 TBL water, mix and let sit for 2 minutes)
1 egg
1/2 TBL chia seeds (optional)
1/4 cup coconut milk
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
Pinch of salt
Sprinkle of cinnamon

To Top:
Remainder of plain Greek yogurt container or 1/3 of a cup or so if using a larger tub
1/2 TBL peanut flour (or peanut butter/almond butter)
1/4 tsp. vanilla extract

To Prepare:

In a small bowl, make your flax egg and put aside. In another bowl, combine coconut flour, chia seeds, yogurt, egg, vanilla and cinnamon. Mix to combine using a fork. Add coconut milk a little at a time until the batter is thick but can easily be mixed and spooned onto a pan. Ensure all lumps are mixed out. Fold in blueberries and let sit for 2 minutes.

While waiting, mix together yogurt, vanilla and peanut flour in a bowl and put to the side.

Grease a skillet and place over medium heat. When up to temperature, check consistency of batter. If it has thickened, add a little more coconut milk to get it back to the original consistency. Spoon batter into the pan and spread evenly into a circle. It will not expand or rise.

Do not turn until the sides and top begin to cook, then flip. When pancake is cooked completely through, remove from pan. Spoon a dollop (about 1/2 a tablespoon) of peanut butter yogurt onto the top. Repeat with remainder of the batter.

Spoon all leftover yogurt over the top of the pancakes and sprinkle with additional berries.



Almost Apple Pie

I’ve been all about simple meals lately. Chicken and vegetables, steak in a salad. Fresh. Quick. Easy.

The easiest breakfast is usually eggs (over easy) with a side of spinach but i had other plans today. I was craving an apple this morning bad. I didn’t want to just eat an apple though, I really wanted a warm one. Ideally the pieces would be soft and chewy, sprinkled with cinnamon. Like warm applesauce straight from the pot.

Well, that was as easy as it appeared in my head and better than apple sauce because it was like the filling of an apple pie.

Eat this as part of breakfast (I still had my eggs…), a snack or dessert. It’s warm and tasty and works for any time of the day.


You need:
One Granny Smith apple, sliced thin
Teaspoon of ghee (or grassfed butter)
Teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg (optional)
The juice of half a lemon
Unsweetened coconut (optional)

To make:
Heat ghee/butter in a skillet over medium heat. When bubbly and hot, add apples.

Sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg and mix around.

Allow to cook for about 3 minutes then add lemon juice and stir.

Cook for another 3 minutes until apples are soft.

Remove from heat, sprinkle with coconut and dig in!

What I Ate Wednesday (#5)

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been trying out Paleo for the last few weeks. So far, so good. I expected it to be easy but lemme tell you, more things have sugar and gluten in them than you think. So far, reducing my fruit intake when all this delicious fruit is in season has been the most difficult but definitely do-able. I’m really enjoying the extra energy I have and i’m liking the way I feel without dairy, grains and sugar. In one way, I have really found the whole transition easy as I didn’t really eat these things anyway but  at the same time, it has definitely taken a little adjustment.

The hardest part about this whole change has been making sure I have food prepared and with me. I’m definitely trying to get better at preparing in advance. Since I work in a kitchen owned by my dad, I figured it would be easy to grab things throughout the day. That part is doable but when I get home, I realize I have nothing to eat! This week I roasted some sweet potatoes to have for after workouts and made some carrot fries to eat throughout the day.

I’m breaking it down like Jenn this week.

Breakfasts: Mostly eggs and a vegetable. I’m loving tomatoes from our home garden and sauteed spinach when I have it.


Lunch: Burgers, steak, grilled chicken. These vary. I love me a burger smothered with onions and peppers though. Throw on a side of carrot fries and this meal is perfection.


Snacks: Carrot sticks, almond butter on some celery, a few nuts, a few slices of chicken. It depends on the day.

Dinner: Similar to lunches.

Dessert: I discovered I can make some Paleo desserts so, this chocolate pudding made it’s way into my fridge last night. Delicious.


oh. and the other night, this. glorious dairy free ice cream without refined sugar.


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Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting this weekly blog bash. Post what you’re eating and link up! 🙂