L’Shanah Tova

L’Shanah Tova to all the Jewish folk out there. May you have a happy and healthy year.

Even though I usually produce a New Year’s resolution list, Rosh Hashana is the time where I sit and reflect as opposed to just listing some things I plan to start on the first day of January.

So, yesterday, as I sat and ate my apple and honey on my first rosh hashana alone, I came up with a short list of things I want to accomplish in the next year.

Often times, I get caught up in big aspirations and throw those onto my lists but the key is to start small and work up.

This time, I divided my list into three basic categories: Short Term Goals,  Little Goals and Big Goals.

This way, I can see the chain of events that lead up to the big goal. For example, one of my short term goals is to post here more often, my little goal is to redesign the blog, and my big goal is to have more success in blogging.

Short Term:                                         Little Goal:                                                         Big Goal
Blog at least 4 times a week  –>Redesign the blog and have more people read–> find some kind of success in blogging (whether it’s feedback, followers, etc.)

Eat as healthy as I possibly can–> Lose 5-10 pounds –> Be lean and have built muscle

Meditate every day –> reduce general anxiety –> be anxiety free

Be more careful with money –> save a few extra dollars each week –> save money in savings

By making short term goals that visually and directly lead to the end product I desire, I’m more likely to take them seriously.

Even if you’re not Jewish, taking the time to write out a new goal list is always a good idea. It shows whether you accomplished goals you set the last time and allows you to either make new ones or try and fix the ideas you already have set up.

Try writing them down and sticking them somewhere you can see them (mine are next to my computer) so you can look at what you want to achieve and get there.


What are some of your goals?