Protein Ice Cream

I didn’t used to be a big ice cream eater. We always had ice cream in the freezer at my house and I rarely touched it besides a bite here and there. A weird thing happened two years ago when I had mono: I became an ice cream fanatic. Before I even knew I had been plagued with mono for the third (!!) time, I recall NEEDING ice cream one night so badly that I walked to my car, parked far away, in the pouring rain to go to the connivence store. When I got sicker and couldn’t stomach any food a few days later, I made my mom bring me a McDonalds ice cream cone. It was the only thing I wanted to eat.

Since that bout of sickness, I LOVE ice cream–both eating and making it. I try not to eat ice cream every day, but with this protein ice cream, I can. IMG_4345


1 scoop protein powder (I used Royal Sport LTD Whey 100)
3/4 to 1 cup almond milk
About 10 ice cubes
1/2 tsp. xanthan gum

To Make:

Place all ingredients in a blender, starting with 3/4 cup almond milk. Break up ice. Blend continuously until a soft serve consistency forms. If it’s too thick and icy, add a little more almond milk until it becomes the right consistency.

Scoop out and top with toppings of your choice (I like peanut butter, chocolate chips, sprinkles and whipped cream).

*If you enjoy trying new protein powders, are looking for one, or are ready to change up your normal routine, I highly recommend Royal Sport LTD Whey 100. I have tried and enjoy all of the flavors with the ice cream sandwich being my favorite. I usually experience bad bloating and stomach problems from protein powders and this protein does not cause that reaction. Each serving is only 100 calories and 20 grams of protein which is nice for a snack. The powder also mixes extremely well with water or milk without using a blender for a simple shake. Try it out!


Chicken Salad Sushi

There’s a sushi place near my house that’s All You Can Eat everyday. It’s actually the best restaurant in the area and not just because you can stuff your face with sushi, sashimi and all the accompaniments (seaweed salad and edamame, please) but because everything is fresh, beautiful and absolutely delicious.

The only thing about eating there is that you have to be hungry enough to make it worth it. While reasonably priced for lots of special rolls, it’s not exactly cheap for an all-the-time kind of thing. Also, the magical experience doesn’t happen if you don’t eat a few appetizers, eat a few rolls, then maybe decide you’re feelin’ some more miso soup.

I was craving sushi the other day but didn’t have anyone to dine with at the time and I wasn’t quite hungry enough anyway. My practical side also reminded me that I had prepped chicken for the week and I needed to save money and eat it.

This isn’t so much a recipe as it is a “throw everything together” kind of thing but it works, and it’s delicious so it’s happening.
IMG_3972Chicken Salad Sushi (makes 2 sushi rolls):

1 piece grilled/baked chicken (this week, I prepped my chicken by rubbing it with a tiny bit of mayonnaise, seasoned with Mrs. Dash salt free seasoning and baked in the oven for about 25 minutes)
1 stalk celery
1/2 slice onion
1 tsp. mayonnaise (I used Hellman’s Canola Mayonnaise)
1/2 TBL. Franks Hot Sauce Ketchup*
1/4 of a cucumber, sliced into thin sticks
1/2 cup baby spinach
2 sheets nori
Small bowl of water

Begin by cutting chicken, onion and celery into small chunks. Place in food processor with mayo and ketchup and process until ground and sticking together (add more mayo/ketchup to taste/consistency if needed).

On one sheet of nori, arrange spinach leaves across the sheet about 1 inch from the bottom. Using your fingers or a fork, gently spread chicken salad on top of spinach.

Place cucumber sticks on top of chicken salad and press down lightly.

Beginning from the bottom, tightly roll nori over the filling and wipe across the sheet with a little water on your finger tip.

Continue rolling to the top and seal with a bit of water.

Repeat with second sheet of nori.

Slice using a sharp, wet knife.

*If you cannot find/don’t have hot sauce ketchup, you could probably use a little more mayonnaise and regular hot sauce.

What I Ate Wednesday: Trick Your Mind

I get bored easily. Or, at least when it comes to food I do. Sometimes I just don’t feel like a salad for lunch or a protein/veg/carb plate at dinner. This week, I haven’t even felt like eating oatmeal (gasp!). So, I’ve made it my mission these last few days to simply follow what my mind is telling me and try something new. If eating the same thing every single day gets tiring, trick your mind by just mixing it up! 

Exhibit A: Make What You Crave

IMG_3972I’ve been dreaming of sushi lately but haven’t gone.  Who said that chicken can’t be sushi? This immediately crushed my craving and was a fun way to eat the chicken I prepped this week. 

Exhibit B: Go For Variety



IMG_3959I couldn’t figure out exactly what I wanted for breakfast so I decided to have a bit of everything. Spinach and tomato omelette, peach, and a piece of low carb toast with half-peanut butter, half coconut oil spread.

Exhibit C: Same Ingredients, Different Presentation

IMG_3939Sometimes I eat a Greek yogurt bowl for breakfast or a snack with a bunch of mix-ins. Instead, I took all the ingredients, tweaked the ratios a little and made a giant pancake. This made me feel like I was eating something different and kind of extravagant even though it was the same items.


*Thanks to Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting the weekly linkup! 

Have you made anything different recently?





Tuesday Thoughts

Loving this quick article about being happy with gaining weight. Not about scale progress, about mental progress.

This Buzzfeed article on Instagram Food vs. Real Food is perfect. Love it.

I don’t think any dessert could be any more perfect than these s’mores cakelettes. Now in my bookmarks bar.

Obsessed with this song lately. The lyrics are perfection.

Two words. Pumpkin. Push-pops.


What I Ate Wednesday

It’s my favorite day of the week because I get to share my food with you!
Thanks Jenn for hosting!

This was a strange week of eating in my mind.

I felt like I ate a ton of stuff that I don’t normally eat and ate out a bunch but in reality, I consumed a bunch of my normal food. Except for the Thai Drunken Noodles.

And one of these these. That Boston Creme one was alllll mine.


The other night I was CRAVING a doughnut. An absolutely bizarre desire since I am really not a doughnut fan. Every once in a while I might take a bite of one but if there was a box sitting in front of me, I wouldn’t be tempted. When I woke up the next morning, I jumped out of bed, went in search of a real good doughnut and came back with these pretty little things.

Remember the reason I don’t bake a ton of stuff? Because then I have to eat the whole thing. In the last few days, I’ve eaten this entire loaf of apple spice cake. I’m debating posting the recipe. I ate the whole thing but it wasn’t perfect. I’ll have to make another one and see 🙂

apple cake

My pitas were back as lunches this week. Josephs Flax Pitas are the best. They aren’t super doughy like other pitas and don’t have that floury coating like some others. They also toast perfectly in the oven for pita chips, in the toaster to go with peanut butter and on the George Forman Grill for a sandwich like this one.  I also found Kabocha squash again! Topped with peanut flour and Walden Farms maple syrup.

lunch 2

(Buffalo Chicken Pita with spinach, mustard and cheese. Kabocha. Tomato, Cucumber, Onion salad with balsamic and grainy mustard)


(Same pita, same kabocha, broccoli sprinkled with cinnamon)

I also had an open faced taco that was delicious! A Trader Joes Low Carb tortilla topped with spinach, cooked ground turkey and mozzarella cheese and put under the broiler. Delicious!

open taco

Banana Chocolate oats also made a return appearance this week. My normal oat bran (oat bran, zucchini, flax, almond milk/water, egg whites) with half a banana and a tiny bit of dark, unsweetened cocoa powder. Topped with peanut flour.

chocolate oats

I also drank a ton of these Mocktails. I swear they’re going to keep me from getting sick. They also taste good so why not drink up?

Healing Mocktail

Better drink up as next weeks addition will probably feature lots of chocolate when I hit up the 50% candy bins after Valentines Day. Just kidding. Not.

What did you eat this week?

Detoxing Mocktail

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a drink as a recipe and didn’t think I ever would. Maybe a smoothie, but that’s more a snack or meal rather than simply a drink. 

The one I mixed up today though needed to be posted.


I call it a Detoxing Mocktail but it’s really a “I Better Not Get the Flu Preventative Drink.” I’m very afraid of contracting the flu this season since I’ve heard it’s really bad and I spend a lot of time touching things many hands have touched (aka, the gym). While I got a flu shot, I’m not entirely trusting. I also seem to usually get sick in the winter time and I’m in general, susceptible to things I shouldn’t get (…last year at this time I got mono..for the 3rd time). 

This drink has a ton of benefits..and it tastes good. 

Apple Cider Vinegar: helps with digestion, has potassium, helps sore throats, balances pH levels (from here and more on apple cider vinegar)
Green tea: controls blood sugar, may prevent cancer, speeds up metabolism, may help prevent illness (more on green tea)
Ginger: Can aid in helping nausea, coughing, sore throats, digestion (for more on ginger, see this link)

You’ll Need:
Pre-brewed and chilled green tea 
Lemon sparkling water
Fresh ginger
Apple cider vinegar
Stevia (optional)

To Make:

Fill a shaker bottle/cocktail shaker with ice. 

Mix one part green tea with two parts water. 

Add a splash of vinegar (less than a teaspoon) and finely grate in about 1/4 teaspoon of fresh ginger.

If using stevia, add in one to two drops of liquid stevia or a pinch of granulated. 

Shake well for 30 seconds and pour into a glass. Drink while chilled.