Welcome to my “About” page. I’m Alex, a 22-year-old graduate student working on my masters in journalism. Before moving to a new city, I spent my free time working in a catering kitchen where I have learned to bake desserts for parties of 10 to weddings of 200 and navigate my way around food preparation and cooking in general.

The best part about my work? The catering business belongs to my dad and my aunt is a chef there as well, so heading into the kitchen is a family food affair. While my mom might not be a chef like those two, she certainly knows how to cook. I was brought up in a deli bus pan, a restaurant and the home kitchen.

Despite this, it was only recently that I learned to love food. I used to eat when I was hungry and solely for nourishment as opposed to taste. Working in the kitchen has expanded not only my taste buds but my appreciation for good food.

I love creating my own recipes. I’m not a big measurer and more a dash-of-this, dash -of-that, type of person but I’m trying to become more precise for readers sake. The recipes I create myself will often be healthier than ones you might find elsewhere too. From Nov. 2011 to the present, I have lost close to 80 90 pounds.

The first thing everyone says to me when they see I have lost weight is, “wow, you must have really changed your eating.” The answer though is always “not really” . I’ve always eaten healthy and I am quick to let them know I eat more now than I ever did.

One thing though: I don’t believe in dieting–I believe in living life and enjoying foods. Your diet is part of your lifestyle, not something that changes week to week.

While this blog is mainly for me to work on my recipes and food photography, you’ll find other things here as well. Thoughts, day to day life and random other things.

I’ll leave you with that for this is already too long. Sit down, relax and stay awhile.

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