Hamstring and Glute Workout

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*Disclaimer: All workouts are developed by me based upon my own research and trial and error. I am not a personal trainer. All exercises can be found on BodyBuilding.com as well as other places on the Internet. Listing the weight I use for each exercise is meant to be a guide to show how I increased/decreased/maintained throughout sets. Please use a weight that is appropriate for you*

10 minute cardio warm-up (StairMaster)

Glute Kickbacks with low cable–100 per leg

Straight Leg Deadlifts superset with barbell glute ham bridges
95 pound DL’s and 65 pound bridges: 20 reps x 5 sets

Barbell back squats superset with deadlifts
95 squat, 85 DL: 20×2
115 and 85: 12
95 and 85: 20
75 and 65: 20
65 and 65: 20

Barbell good mornings superset with wide sumo squats with barbell
45 (bar) good mornings and 65# squats: 25×2

Linear leg press
90# added: 25×4

Glute press down on assisted pull-up machine
75.5# 100 per leg

Lying leg curls
25#-20 curls, 25 pulses, 5 curls, 25 pulses, 5 curls, 25 pulses, 5 curls, 25 pulses, 5 curls

50 glute-ham extensions

Hip flexor stretching

Total workout time: 1:21:00


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