Where I’m At

Lindsay posted this article “Highly Educated, Highly Indebted […]” from The Atlantic in her Bean Bytes today.

If you have a moment, I suggest checking it out.

For those that don’t have a moment, the article is a series of graphs that show the living situations of 27 year olds. They include loans, how many have degrees, whether they live at home, etc. All the important stuff that plagues younger people today.

Seeing this today made me feel it was the perfect time to unveil some news to you-I have officially taken a leave from graduate school for the time being.

I spent my first semester miserable. I wasn’t enjoying anything about school from the location to the people to the things I was studying. I continually told myself that if I could get through that semester, I would be set for the rest of the program. Through my winter break, I felt anxious about the upcoming semester. I didn’t want to go back, but I knew I should. The day before classes began, I looked at refund policies out of desperation and spent the next hour making the toughest decision I’ve made thus far.

After sending the appropriate e-mails and filling out the paperwork, I felt relieved. For the first time since the summer, I had no anxiety. It literally melted away. I was calm, collected and instantly happy. Obviously, my choice was the right one.

Right now, I’m enjoying what time I have left where I have nothing to do. I’ve been applying to all sorts of jobs in different places hoping to find something.

Hopefully my little hiatus will give me some more kitchen creativity 🙂

I’m also going to use it as an opportunity to spend a little more time here, working on this space.

I’m highly considering posting my workouts (even though I’m not a trainer–they’ve worked for me) and some more fitness posts, as well as more about health in general and lifestyle things–basically, a little more than food.

I’m excited to see where life takes me right now–for the first time in my life I literally have nothing to do. It’s a little refreshing, exciting, and scary but everything happens for a reason and this is just one stop in my road.

Thanks for standing by me!

What would you be interested in seeing on this blog?



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