If You Met Me Today…

When Myspace was a thing, I was always into posting surveys about myself. My favorites were the A-Z list of random facts. 

I see people do “10 Things About Me” or “Random Facts” posts all the time which got me thinking about something I never really thought about. 

As we get older, the things people know about us gets to be less and less. Think about it. When you talk to someone, you connect on or tell them what you’re doing now. All the important things of before get left behind.

So, I’m starting a new thought process meme: If You Met Me Today, You’d Never Know–Five things about yourself that people in your past might know, but no one you met today would. 

If you met me today, you’d never know, 

1. I play(ed) the violin.
2. I have a degree in journalism (and did a minor in music). 
3. Half of my schooling was spent at art schools.
4. I used to be overweight.
5. I’m in a sorority. 


Your turn! 


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