What I Ate Wednesday

*TV Game Show Announcer Voice* Welcome to another edition of What I Ate Wednesday. Thanks to our host Jenn for once again providing a fun way to showcase some delicious food. Now onto this weeks feasts, I mean, eats.

In a random order and simple sentences, we have some of the plates I’ve enjoyed this week.

This week was filled with some of the same: Oatbran, obviously. I had pumpkin oatbran, blueberry oatbran, overnight oatbran and chocolate peanut butter among others. All delicious.


I bought some ground turkey this week so the first thing I cooked up were some turkey burgers (served with sweet potato with crunchy peanut butter, broccoli and asparagus)


one for now, some for the freezer for later.

Green smoothies made a comeback this week. I discovered that using a frozen banana and protein powder with water, almond milk and lots of ice makes the protein powder fluff up. Volume is my friend.


I was CRAVING pancakes the other day so I whipped some up and man, were they delicious. Perfectly fluffy and warm. So good–topped with some Walden Farms Syrup and PB2 sauce. yum.


The week of Halloween wouldn’t be complete without some treats. Don’t ask me why I needed a bowl of candy corn to make my house festive because now all I do is eat them.

I got a free froyo too! Pumpkin with graham cracker crumbs and dark chocolate chips. I almost died when the owner asked if he could take a picture for Facebook but obliged. Nothing beats free fro yo. Nothing.



Not being Paleo has brought me back to the good stuff–sandwiches. Today I enjoyed a chicken sandwich with some carrots and sweet potato wedges. Simple and perfect.


Happy almost Halloween everyone! What did you enjoy this week?

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