Tuesday Thoughts and Things

I had a midterm today so my writing capabilities are gone with my brain for the day. 

I like to give myself five ten minute breaks every half hour  twenty minutes or so when I’m studying to keep my mind fresh, my eyes clear and my focus time distraction free. In all honesty, I don’t have to take a break every twenty minutes but I do take them fairly often, even to just stand up and walk around for a second.

During these breaks, I found a few good things this week to share:

All of a sudden, I’m loving candy corn. I used to HATE these little candies. They were always gross to me. One day a few weeks ago I had a piece and decided I like them. I now have a bowl on my table which was a bad idea. Apparently I’m not the only one that hated this Halloween staple though.

This article from Buzzfeed is me. I’m not even sorry about it.

I love when people do funny stuff with babies and these dad/baby daughter selfies are no exception.

and when babies do cute things, like this one who has the most emotional reaction when her mom sings to her. Precious.

How to take good food photos on Instagram


Have a good night!


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