Food Shopping on a Budget (#1)

I’m not always a budgeter. 

At all. Never have been. I’m definitely conscious of my money and monetary decisions but I have never laid things out for certain things. 

As I am not a money manager, I am also not a recipe planner. I often get into the habit of buying things at the store, then not eating them all, having to throw it away and in turn, wasting money (and food obviously..). 

Interestingly enough though, I am pretty good at shopping on the cheap no matter if I plan to or not. I’m big on prices, pounds and shopping the store in general. 

Seeing as I don’t currently have a job, I’ve been attempting to actually budget money for groceries and other things each week so that I can make my pennies and my food go farther. A win-win situation. Any extra money either gets to stay in my account for the next week or go to something fun (maybe a meal out, coffee, something fun at the store I don’t need). 

To make saving money even more fun, I’ve decided to share my food shopping adventures here so I can both learn more about budgeting and saving and share my new and old grocery store wisdom with other people.

Budget: $50 
Cooking for: Myself
How many meals/day: 3 meals+snacks a day (minus one or two meals a week)
Items I already have in general: condiments, oil, vinegar, spices
Items I already had before I went shopping this week: Almond milk, skim milk, 1/2 dozen eggs, oat bran, oatmeal, 3 yogurts, half a container of cottage cheese, half a container of ricotta cheese, bag of mozzarella cheese, jar of tomato sauce, can of tuna, 2 frozen turkey burgers, bag of sweet potatoes, bag of kale, 1 head romaine lettuce, an onion, half a cucumber, half a red bell pepper, frozen spinach, frozen berries, frozen brussels sprouts, frozen bananas



I spent $30.76 on Friday. I have done some meal prepping and also have made several meals so far, as well as actually planned a few more (oh my gosh!)

What I do with this food:

The granola bars weren’t something I would normally buy. Usually I would make my own but I heard these were good and I like to have a few snack-y things around just in case. 

Lettuce, tomatoes, pepper, spinach–Salads for lunch/dinners

Spinach–I throw spinach in smoothies, into a pan with meat and other vegetables and use it as a neutral vegetable all the time

Pumpkin–For use in my morning bowl of oat bran



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