The CrossFit Quit

It was fate that I stumbled upon this article today entitled “Why I Quit CrossFit” because my post tonight was going to be the same. I had to change the title actually because that article already took my original idea. 

This past weekend, I quit CrossFit and it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders (quite literally too ha ha ). For the last 2 years, my workout routine has been incredibly regimented. Bootcamp, extreme training, cycling classes and then CrossFit. All met at a certain time, have specific moves and only let me think about working out. I HAD to go to CrossFit at 5, because when else would I go? I planned my life around attending classes which not only made the day to day more prescribed but also cut into my social life, my food, my homework and everything else.

For the last two years, my life has been ruled by what time I’m exercising and for the first time, I quit.

Working out is something that is supposed to be hard but enjoyable. You’re chest is pumping and your legs are burning but it’s worth it. Sweat stinging your eyes, you walk out of the gym a new person. Energized and ready to tackle anything.

They always say getting there is the hardest part, and lately, for me, it has been. I love exercising. I love the high, the fatigue and knowing that I worked my body to the max. However, each day, I dreaded running from class to CrossFit class. I didn’t want to go after having school all day, at dinner time or before the sun came up. Then I hurt my shoulder, and the relationship I had with CrossFit went out the door. For a few days after I had healed, I woke up early and went for a run, I did some interval training at night before dinner or I took a day off (a revolutionary concept sometimes). I did what I want and still got the workout I needed. 

While CrossFit did help me a little in my goal to lean out and build muscle, I’m going to try it on my own. My birthday is in almost exactly 12 weeks and that is the goal I’m giving myself. From yesterday onwards, working out is back to being about the burn, the high and the results. For essentially the first time, I’m taking on training on my own and hoping I can get what I want.


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