Tomorrow, Tomorrow

I used to be really good at starting things when they were assigned/when I thought of them/etc. Project assignments given three weeks before they were due began that day. Then, I got to college. Where syllabuses with assignments were thrown into folders and everything got done too late for my liking. I took a prolonged pitstop at Procrastination Station.

This made me CRAZY. I used to be good at getting stuff done and I knew it yet I continued to do it anyway, or at least up until my last semester.

It got me thinking of the concept of “tomorrow.” As a child, tomorrow is literal. Tomorrow, I will wear rain boots. Tomorrow, I will go to school. Tomorrow, I will color.

A child will say and do those things with no apprehension. If they planned on it, it’s probably going to happen. To them, tomorrow is an actual day. It’s Thursday. Friday. Saturday.

As we get older though, tomorrow changes. It becomes a never ending cycle of things we aspire to do but simply don’t have the time. Tomorrow, I will read some of that book or tomorrow, I will go to the gym.

We take what we know as being planned and manipulate it into a day that continues to come, but never does. To us, tomorrow loses it’s spot as a day of the week and very easily continues on.

The worst part? It’s so easy to just start something. To just get the first step of many checked off the list.

I say this as I begin in this new chapter of my life. I’m done saying “tomorrow” and ready to start saying “today.”

Some of my tips?

PLANNER. I always have a planner, no matter how organized I am being or not. Having a calendar and a place to write things down is important.

Sticky Notes: I have sticky notes everywhere. Real ones on my desk, in my bag, in my planner and virtual ones on my desktop.

Notebooks: I haven’t done this in a while but I’m going to restart the habit of carrying a notebook everywhere. I have tons of ideas during the day but forget them by the time I get home. Carrying a notebook and writing things down makes it more permanent not only so you remember but so you can follow through.

Evernote: I have the Evernote app on my laptop and phone. When I need to track something or write things down, I put it in here.

My goals for the next few weeks include starting a few projects and following through with some others. Forget tomorrow and start today.


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