Slip and Slide

I was on vacation these past few days enjoying the sun, surf and sand. As a blog reading snob, I caught up on my favorites via my Feedly app all weekend.

Before I started Paleo, Crossfit or anything else and was just working on my health and nutrition on my own, I started following Sarah Wilson’s blog. Wilson’s claim to fame is the “I Quit Sugar” program she developed and follows to help people rid their lives of sugar, help some bodily problems and be healthier overall. 

The other day, Sarah uploaded a post with a simple title.

I Ate Sugar.

I found this simple sentence to be incredibly bold and telling that I couldn’t stop thinking about it for a few hours.

This woman has lived without sugar for years and coaches others, yet felt the need to post it.

She states ” I don’t think it’s helpful embarking on the journey thinking that it’s about perfection. Or rigidity.”

The message is, sometimes we just need “sugar.” Whether you haven’t eaten gluten in a year or haven’t missed a day of working out in the last two, sometimes it’s okay to “mess-up.”

When I do, I have trouble not feeling incredibly guilty. I often feel so guilty that my 230 pound mind tells me that I need to run or do extra sit-ups or start a Whole30 because I ate *insert food here*. 

Eating something when you need and/or want it isn’t something to punish yourself for. Food and life cannot be perfect 100% of the time. Accept the fact that you ate it and keep going. The 3 servings of ice cream you ate on vacation isn’t going to hurt your bottom line (ahem…me.)

Instead, think about the fact that you are enjoying it or needed it and simply move on. It’s so simple to get caught up in the fact that it’s a “slip” that it pushes the negative aspects instead of the positive (for example, I really really enjoyed that ice cream). 

Nutrition and health is not changed by one thing. A month of fast food? Yes. 

The point is, if you “slip,” follow into the slide–slide down, get up and start again.


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