Is Working Out a Hobby?

When filling something out the other day, there was a fill-in box with the question: What are your hobbies?

The silly little cursor sat blinking in the beginning of that empty spot for a good five minutes while I thought of what my actual hobbies were.

I don’t have any. This saddens me.

For me, and many, life simply seems to get away. My days during the summer are all quite the same. In fact, during the school year, they’re eerily similar.Wake up, breakfast, class/work, gym, dinner, bed. When I was in school there were usually additional meetings after dinner to attend to which left little time to relax.

I only have myself to take care of too. I can’t imagine having kids and a family. Do you have a minute to have some free time?

When you’re sitting there with nothingggg to do and you realize you don’t want to do anything, it’s actually weird. Frightening almost. People are meant to like doing things, to enjoy something other than the mundane.

Unconsciously, I’ve determined that working out is my my hobby. It’s allowed me to excuse myself from everything else which definitely isn’t okay. Yes, I cook dinner when I’m hungry and occasionally play with snacks and desserts but to me, that isn’t necessarily a hobby either.

I’m talking collecting Snapple lids or finding all 50 state quarters. That kind of thing. Since it’s now August (uh, don’t know how that happened), I’ve designated the month to finding a real hobby. Something I enjoy doing in my free time besides hitting up the gym. I need something to fill in that box!

Any suggestions?
What are your hobbies?


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