Totally (a) Tuesday

People always think Mondays are the worst but I think Tuesdays are definitely the hardest day of the week. Sort of halfway but really not at all because the work week is Monday through Friday and the real week is Sunday-Saturday. Oh Tuesday, why do you have to be so in the middle?

This past weekend I stopped in Boston after attending a graduation party in Rhode Island where I indulged on the best dairy free, real sugar free, ice cream ever. It really tasted just like regular ice cream, if not creamier.  If you’re in the Boston area, check out FoMu.

One of my favorite parts of a new school year is picking out a new planner. As a grad student as opposed to a regular college student, I’m on the fence on whether or not I need to update my planner. Is it all leather from here or can I still get away with a fun one? (I’m really caught).

In the last few weeks as I’ve attempted to be Paleo, I’ve come across a bunch of new sites and books to read. Against All Grain is one of my new favorites. If you are Paleo, are considering Paleo, or simply want some recipes that are real good and good for you, check out her site.

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale ends on August 5th. If you like shopping, check it out.  Everything is way cheaper than it normally is. I got a new pair of boots (!!!) and some polka dot leggings (!).

I’m looking for a fun nut butter—any suggestions on something DELICIOUS and different that I could order (looking for anything not peanut).

Do you watch The Big Bang Theory? It’s one of my favorites and they just announced the season premiere will be one hour long! Yay!

Get over it. Sophie Martin helped me today. Being in your 20’s is hard. Forreal.


If you have any suggestions to my burning life questions above, help would be greatly appreciated. Have a nice rest of your Tuesday! 🙂


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