Monday Funday

I know it’s usually Sunday Funday but if I’m going to use the made up word “funday”, I think it works better with Monday.


Monday is one of the most dreaded days of the week for the majority of people. No matter what you’re doing, it almost always seems to just drag on. 

Monday is where the magic happens though.

For me, starting things on Mondays always means a better follow through. Even though it’s technically the second day of the week, it’s really the first. The one where you get moving and back to normal.

If I want to start something–a new running regimen, a plan to cook every night, even blogging–I’ll always start on a Monday. Performing these tasks on a day when I already have things to do makes it much more attainable for the next day. 

The week then goes by faster and soon enough, you realized this new routine has stuck around for longer than you thought, making it even easier to continue.

I found a quote by Jim Rohn while writing this post that says “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.

Rohn is absolutely correct. Every day it is so easy to say tomorrow. “I will start tomorrow.” “Tomorrow, I will work out”. The odd thing about that though? Tomorrow is recurring and it is way too easy to push it back “just one more day”, which inevitably turns into weeks and months.

Every month or so I write down my goals so I can keep track of what I want and what I have achieved. Try this and see what aspirations you possess. If you’re looking to do something new or different, don’t wait: start today, after all, tomorrow often gets in the way.


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