Percentages Not Optional

In the past year and a half, choosing the right foods has been one of the most important aspects of my life. I strive to live a nutritionally balanced lifestyle that allows for a percentage of both normalcy and fun. 

In the past few weeks though, all of my ideas of “the right things” have been jumbled up into a confused mess. 

I’ve abandoned my “normal” eating habits for the last two weeks and have been attempting Paleo. 

I have been surprised to see that in the two weeks since cutting dairy, my face has definitely cleared up a significant amount. Like, enough that I’m continuing beyond my original trial time.

If you’ve ever stepped foot in a Crossfit box, one of the aspects of nutrition they preach is Paleo. They say that to see results, you should use it. That it’s the best way of living a healthy lifestyle. That there should be no other way.

In many ways, I don’t/didn’t understand this philosophy. In fact, when I first started Crossfit last month, I was totally against changing my normal diet and becoming Paleo. I eat clean and that’s all that matters. 

The more I started to do research though, many of the philosophies began to make sense and I decided to try eliminating dairy for the sole purpose of clearing up my skin. While I was already cutting some of my favorite foods, I decided to just try getting rid of all the other things too–all grains, sugar, flour and legumes. 

In order to make a more educated decision about Paleo before I sprung into it fully, I read a book about it. In this book, the author suggests you live your Paleo lifestyle at an 85/15 percentage. Three meals a week can be non-Paleo if you choose, while everything else falls into the limits. 

I found this to be an interesting idea. This author, who wrote an entire book about why you should follow Paleo is suggesting “cheat days”, telling you that eating an ice cream cone is okay or having rice on that sushi roll is fine.

To me, this made perfect sense. This is how I live my life normally: if I want something, I will eat it. Maybe not every day nor will I eat an entire cake if my mind tells me to but I am certainly entitled to have a little something fun.

No matter what “diet” you are choosing to follow, I believe one of the most important aspects is not to feel restricted. Eating is nourishing, yes, but choosing what foods to put in your body should also be a treat and your body rewards you when fed right.

There are times when going out with friends that someone suggests dessert. One of the worst feelings is sitting there rejecting it because you can’t eat it. This exact scenario happened to me the other day, which is why I realized some things needed to be changed.

Food is about trying new things and enjoying each and every bite that is going into your mouth. Allow yourself to have a treat now and then, or even every day if you’re so inclined. Whether you follow a “diet” or not, the most important thing is being healthy and happy–and no one can be happy when turning down dessert every single time.

Have you tried Paleo?

My favorite treat is ice cream. What’s yours?


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