Meditation and Motivation

In high school, I was gifted my first pair of mala beads after a consultation with an Ayurvedic practitioner and learned to meditate on the yoga mat tightly placed between my bed and the door. 

That year, when the essay topic for class involved writing about a place, I chose my meditation space–a sprawling apple orchard like place that was green and peaceful. 

Soon after, I stopped meditating. With four people in my freshman dorm room, the practice of meditation quickly got pushed aside. There was no room for that anymore, both literally and figuratively. My beads sat folded in my desk drawer, waiting for use and protecting my from whatever might come my way (one of the points of mala beads is that they are solely yours and are there for protection. Beads must be gifted to you and not purchased by the user either). 

All of a sudden, I didn’t make meditation a priority anymore and the motivation for a happy and healthy mind was no longer present. 

I’m motivated. I’m usually a lets-get-this-done kind of person, when it comes to most things. For the longest time, I have been motivated to begin meditation again but I have failed at sitting down and taking 10 minutes to relax. To me, this has been a failed attempt, but not a lost cause.

Today I realized that “meditation” doesn’t just have to be sitting down in that special place, it can simply be a time to clear your mind and focus on something else, if only for a few minutes. This morning, I took myself out for a run immediately after waking up. I was motivated to get up and go, to start my day right.

For some reason, this motivation to get my body going took precedence over all the motivation I’ve had to sit and meditate, to start practicing yoga and do a few other things for a healthy mind, body and soul. Apparently, motivation has a mind of it’s own and if running is my answer to a clear head, then I’ll let my mind wander to where it wants to go.

What’s your meditation and motivation?


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