Spreading the Wellth

After another small hiatus, I am returning to the blogosphere. I like having this place to share my life with others.

Upon lots and lots of consideration, I have also decided to rename this blog. Right now, the name is changing to Spreading the Wellth but that might not be Mr. Right so hold on tight in case a new name appears again. 

What’s in a name?

Well, when I created this blog I thought I wanted to have an exclusive food blog. Upon more consideration, I realized it was too hard to keep up because that’s not what I wanted. I want a space where I can share recipes but also talk about other things I am interested in. After weeks of reconsidering a new name, I came up with Spreading the Wellth in the shower one night. I am all about wellness. Wellness equals healthy and healthy equals happy in my mind–in whatever way, shape or form that might be in. I want to spread my health, happiness and wellness with you, therefore creating a new type of currency called wellth. 


Please bear with me while this site goes through some changes. I am trying to start something that I can keep around for a while with limited changes–something that can become me. 


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