Calm Your Nerves

It seems that my shoulders are up to my ears lately and the stress continues to pile on. With only a few weeks left until graduation, I’m trying to relax and enjoy but often times between class, sorority stuff, newspaper stuff and now, grad school things there just isn’t time to sit there and breathe for a bit.

When I do get a few minutes to take some time out for myself, I usually do one (or a few of these things)

1. Go for a run/go to the gym. When you exercise, you release endorphin’s which make you happy and release some of the stress clogging up your head. Make a workout playlist, pop in some headphones and get distracted by the sound of your feet on the ground or doing one more set of weights than you usually do. If you can, go outside. Not only will you get some extra Vitamin D, but the fresh air will calm your nerves. 

2. Make some food. When I’m stressed, I turn to my Pinterest page or rifle through my cabinets to find something to make. Usually, it’s a warm baked good but it can also be some soup or sauce, generally something relatively simple. Measuring and chopping can be relaxing and waiting for something to bake gives you a few minutes to sit and calm down.

3. Sip some tea. I’m not the biggest tea fan in the world, but I do love green tea. Despite the caffeine content, tea is very soothing. The smell, the taste and the warmth all can help you shrug off even the biggest problems for a few minutes.

4. Take a (quick) nap. When I’m stressed, a nap seems like the farthest thing from reality. I DON’T HAVE TIME TO NAP! Taking just 20 minutes to close your eyes and rest will no doubt make you feel a lot better. Slip into bed or under a blanket and try to calm down. 

5. Talk it out. If I’m having a bad day or feeling really crazy, I find a friend to talk to for a few minutes. It doesn’t matter if you talk about how you’re feeling or anything else in the world. Sitting down and venting about something for a few minutes will make you feel a lot better.


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