Tantalizing Tuesday

I’m not sure that tantalizing will be a part of the final name for this little series I might start but for today, it works. 

Tantalizing: v. possessing a quality that arouses or stimulates desire or interest (from Merriam Webster)

Tuesday: 1. A day of the week that starts with “T”. 2. The longest day of my week when I should be doing homework but avoid it at all costs.


I’m mildly obsessed with edamame and this spicy edamame burger looks divine.

4 words:  Triple. Chocolate. Quick. Bread. and it’s made with sweet potatoes. How great is that?

Wishing I had a sushi mat so I could make this volcano roll.


It’s 75 degrees here today and I’m wishing I had this cute pair of Sperry Top Siders to wear 

Archie grand notebooks are way too cute and I’m in love with this “Journalists I Met and Liked” one.


I purchased Peanut Butter and Co. peanut butter the other day for the first time and I am in love. The cinnamon raisin swirl is out of this world and it’s all I can think about when I need a snack.


What are you thinking about today?


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