In Sickness and Health

If you’ve watched the news lately or read the newspaper, you may have noticed that there is a “flu epidemic.” It hasn’t necessarily been declared but it seems to me that everyone (and their mother, and their father, brothers and sisters) has the flu.

For some reason, people think that it is okay to go to the gym, the grocery store and Starbucks when they have runny noses and a hacking cough. The best thing you can do if you are sick is stay home and open the windows and relax until you’re better.

I used to get sick all the time but I’ve realized that since I’ve lost weight and started eating pretty “clean,” I’ve gotten sick way less often than I used to. I’ve also adopted some natural little rituals if I’m nervous about the germs hitting me.

1. Echinacea is my number one sickness magic supplement. In my freshman year of college, one of my roommates swore that echinacea was a cure all and I didn’t believe her. I then started taking it before I thought I might get sick or when I didn’t feel as well as I wanted to and it really did work wonders. Echinacea boosts your immunity helping ward off germs and kick sickness faster.

2. Green tea is one of those magical drinks that does everything. It can help you lose weight, gives you nutrients and everything else but it also helps with sickness. I find that drinking strong green tea with lemon really makes you feel better and helps rid viruses fast. Drink several (non-caffeinated) cups a day if you’re sick.

3. Vitamin C is another thing that really does truly help. If I start getting sick, I squeeze from fresh orange juice and drink it down. I also find that it definitely helps me feel better.

4. Rest. Rest. Rest. I was always told that “sweating it out” is a great way to get rid of sicknesses but I don’t necessarily agree. If you are sick, rest for a few days before hitting the treadmill. You’re body has to work extra hard if you don’t feel well which isn’t the best for you. You also risk infecting everyone else. Taking a day off from the gym when you are sick will not ruin anything. More time resting=less time infected.


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