The Best Breakfast Sandwich Ever

I was excited to have a day off today and decided to start it off right with a nice breakfast. After searching through my fridge, I was armed with a bunch of delicious ingredients to make the perfect breakfast sandwich.

*Photos from my phone–sorry!

You will need:
Two eggs
Gorganzola Cheese
Sausage (easier if its already cooked)
A ripe avocado
Rye Bread
and cooking utensils/pans/toaster
Begin by toasting your bread. I only like mine lightly toasted with almost no marks so I put it in for about a minute since it was frozen. 
Halve your avocado and pull the pit out. Spread avocado on one side of each piece of bread. I used a whole avocado because it was small and I felt like it, but feel free to use as much as you like or omit avocado if you don’t like it. 
Grease a pan and cook eggs. I like mine over easy for sandwiches so the yolk runs out but this is up to you. Scramble ’em, do whatever you want. This sandwich is full of choices.
When the eggs are near done, throw some already cooked sausage into the pan to heat it up and sprinkle some cheese over the eggs so it melts a bit. 
Throw the sausage on the eggs when its warm enough and then try (I always have a hard time doing this) to get it to the bread without it a) landing on the plate, b) folding over, etc. 
Put second slice of bread on top and press down lightly. This morning, my egg yolk burst and squirt all over the place. Gross and delicious at the same time.
Cut in half if desired and enjoy with a glass of OJ. 
Beware: This is a bit messy. I put mine on a small plate and a big plate to keep it clean. This isn’t the healthiest/smallest breakfast but it sure is delicious!

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